DAY 1 || GG’s 12 Days of Christmas

Day 1 || The Not-So-Mailbox Mailbox Swag

Our GG Mailbox Swags are not your typical Mailbox Swag. They are 3 foot masterpieces of magnolia, white pine, boxwood and fraser fir. Their pliable frame and fullness of greens make them a simple fix to the not-so-simple task of decorating your mailbox. If you’re not feeling like splurging on our custom mailbox or live outside of Nashville (so you miss out on the chance to have a custom decorated GG mailbox), our mailbox swags make it much easier to decorate your mailbox for the holiday season! All you need is floral wire that can be found at your local florist or hardware store, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby or Walmart. You can use this wire to attach the swag to the top of your mailbox by threading the wire through the frame and wrapping the wire around the mailbox post. We also like to add greens to these swags to give them height. We like our mailboxes like we like our hair in the South… the higher, the better! Look around in your yard for larger leaves and vibrant greens you can stuff under the swag’s frame or into the frame to increase the body of this swag. Finally, once securing the swag and the greens to your mailbox, we like to add a pop of color to contrast the green— such as beautiful red berries or a bright bow on top. Here is an example of a mailbox we decorated using our amazing swags as our foundation…

In no time, you will have a beautiful mailbox to greet you and all of your guest during the holidays!

You’re probably wondering what is “not-so-mailbox” about this mailbox swag? Well, over the years, we’ve realized that these swags are more versatile than their name leads you to believe! The flexibility of the frame allows you to shape these swags into other uses. We encourage our customers to not only utilize these luscious pieces on their mailboxes but also, on tables as centerpieces, on top of cupboards in kitchens, as mantle toppers and even, in your window sills- indoors or out! These swags can give your windows a chic holiday feel, offering a change from the traditional wreath-adorned facade of your house.

We love the natural look of these swags by themselves. However, if you want to add color– we suggest adding small bows, apples, citrus fruits or berries to middle of these swags.

Keep these beautiful swags in mind for next year… we promise you’ll love these incredibly adaptable Not-So-Mailbox swags!

Check back daily over the next 12 Days for our GG secrets, greenery tips, gift ideas, holiday inspo and festive recipes!



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