DIY Modern Easter Eggs
March 8, 2019 elle

Get in the spirit of spring with these colorful DIY modern easter eggs!

Spring is upon us! Well, it’s technically not Spring until March 20th, but with wildflowers popping up left and right and the sun finally coming out after weeks of dreariness, we’re doing everything we can to shake the winter blues and welcome the new season.

This week we’ve been prepping for our Easter-themed spring photoshoot with the Scout Guide Austin to show off our gorgeous spring greenery collection (we’re so excited to show y’all!). Naturally, we deemed it necessary to take a little team bonding time to hand-dye and paint some Easter eggs for the shoot, although it was really just an excuse to get crafty.


DIY Modern Easter Eggs


We wanted the eggs to sport rich colors that would make a statement in the photos, so we opted to dye a few with a classic egg-dyeing kit from Hobby Lobby. The process of getting them colored was simple:

  • Hard boil your eggs and let them cool.
  • Put a few drops of dye in one cup of water and mix in a teaspoon of white vinegar. Pro tip: the box says use ten drops, but each drop is HUGE, so go for one or two drops if you want a more toned-down hue.
  • After you’ve mixed the dyeing solution, use a spoon to dip the egg in the cup. It doesn’t need to sit for very long! Pro tip: dip the egg halfway or at different angles to create a dip-dyed look.


DIY Modern Easter Egg


After getting the colors we wanted, we added some detail with Gold Liquid Leaf. Y’all, this stuff is amazing. It gives a true, gold leaf look without the sticky, flaky mess of using actual leaflets. Plus, you can leave Modge Podge out of the picture.

Grab you some paint brushes (maybe some ones you don’t care about – the gold leaf can be hard to get out) and give your eggs some modern flare with this gorgeous gold! We had no plan; we just went all in with our creative juices and out came these fellas. Keep in mind – a little gold liquid leaf goes a long way!



Use our shots for creative inspiration or head to our Pinterest page for a collection of our favorite spring looks! Ordering greenery for Easter? Order before April 12th to ensure you have plenty of time to enjoy it! Find the best ways to preserve +  upcycle your greens here.

Happy spring, y’all!



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