Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
October 29, 2018 Elle Worsham
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We’re entering into some of our busiest weeks here at Gracious Garlands, and thought it’d be a good idea to sit down and compile answers to our most frequently asked questions, so YOU can have the inside scoop on all our holiday operations. Here are a few of our top FAQs, but if your questions aren’t answered here, refer here for more information.


How will I receive my holiday order?

Once you order your items on our website, you will be presented with three options at checkout: free local delivery, warehouse pick-up or shipping.

  • Free Local Delivery: Customers living in central Austin and Nashville will have their orders delivered to them for free.
  • Warehouse Pick-up: Those living outside of the central delivery range but still close to town, may pick up their orders from our warehouses in each city.
  • Shipping: All other customers residing in different cities may have our perishable and non-perishable items shipped to their address

You will pay for your items at checkout and will receive them immediately after Thanksgiving. Shipped orders will start shipping the week after Thanksgiving.


When will I receive my holiday order? 

Local delivery begins Sunday, November 25th, so orders can be expected to arrive within a week of Thanksgiving. Customers opting for warehouse pick-up will be able to retrieve their greenery starting November 26th. Shipped orders will start shipping the week after Thanksgiving. This allows plenty of time to enjoy your greenery before the holidays are over!


Do you ship to other cities?

While most of our products are available to be shipped to cities outside of the Nashville and Austin areas, we have a few products we do not ship. We do not ship trees, bows, wreaths 36” and larger, magnolia-only products, and bay leaf-only products.

What if I missed the holiday pre-order deadline?

If you missed our pre-order holiday deadline, don’t worry, you can still order our beautiful greenery for the holidays. Inventory is limited, so order your greenery ASAP to ensure you get exactly what you want!

Frequently asked questions

Let’s get festive!


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