Care for Your Greens

Care for Your Greens
December 6, 2018 Elle Worsham

We’re a week into to December and the big day is right around the corner. Are we the only ones that feel as if the holidays slip by faster and faster every year? We’re doing everything we can to slow down and soak up the joy ushered in by Christmastime. 

As a small business in the holiday industry, it’s easy to get caught up in the madness of holiday preparation. In all that it takes to make sure our customers homes are decorated and loose ends are tied up before all the Christmas parties that are bound to happen, we forget to kick our shoes off and enjoy the season for ourselves. We’re a rapidly growing business, and with rapid growth comes a lot of learning all at once. We know it’ll take years of trial and error before we’re even close to perfecting or holiday operations, but this year has been quite a success in comparison to years passed. We are endlessly thankful for those of you who have stuck with us through all this learning!

Now, on to this week’s topic.

We thought it’d be of immense value to have a place on our website for customers like you to find care tips you may practice to maximize the life of your greenery. First off, we must all come to terms with the fact that our greenery, from the moment it’s harvested from the tree/bush/ground, is no longer living. It’s a sad sliver of reality to watch your greenery slowly die in your home as the holidays come and go. But before you become all existential thinking about life and death (of greenery), be comforted knowing that there are small actions you can take that will extend your greenery’s life to last through the holidays! 

It should be noted that greenery is intended to stay fresh for about six weeks after arrival. It will start drying out a little bit at a time – a process that is inevitable, and sometimes unpredictable depending on the climate our partnering farms have faced throughout the year (both elements that are outside of our control). A simple way to avoid unsightly dying greens is to cut dry pieces out with garden shears as they brown. 

You may also follow these tips to help your greens thrive:

Don’t let them get sunburned! Greenery will stay fresh longer if kept out of direct sunlight. Now we understand how incredible a window wreath looks, so we’re not asking you hide your greenery from the sun. But if you want that garland to look as pretty for your New Years party as it did the day it arrived at your door, we suggest keeping it in a less-exposed location in your home. 

Stay cool. Our greens were grown in cool weather, and they’re built to withstand freezing temps! Coming to Texas and suffering heat exhaustion is a real thing for our greens. They will typically live a longer life when kept in a cool climate.

Give them a drink. Greenery must be cut from its water source in order to be made into holiday decor. It’s probably thirsty! You may refresh your greens with an occasional spritz of water – just be sure to avoid spraying Magnolia or Bay Leaf, as leaves may spot. 

Dried greens need love too. All of our greenery will dry out over time, but Magnolia products will begin drying the quickest, after about 10 days. Their glossy green leaves will slowly transition to a beautiful golden-brown color. During this transition, they aren’t the prettiest leaves (unless you’re like, super into camouflage). We suggest twisting the leaf around so the velvety copper-colored backside can have its time to shine! Once the wreath/garland is completely dried, it may be stored in a safe, dry place for future use. One of our creative customers even had the idea of spray-painting her dried Boxwood and Magnolia wreaths, and the outcome was uniquely gorgeous! 

Trees require a bit more attention. With the right care, they can stay fresh for several weeks on end and even long after the holidays pass. Here are a few tips to maximize the life of your tree:

Keep ‘em hydrated! Fresh trees will empty their stands of water within a day, as the trunk has not grown a seal over the bottom yet. It’s important to keep their stands full of fresh water for the first 4-7 days, which will keep the tree vibrantly green. The longer they live in your home, the less water they will drink each day – just make sure the stand doesn’t run dry! No sprite, alcohol, or mixing solutions need to be added to the tree stand, water alone will get the job done.

Avoid the silent killer. Did you know that open vents near trees are the #1 tree killer every year? Seriously, leaving your tree exposed to a vent pumping out warm air can damage the tree and cause it to dry out prematurely. Close those nearby vents and cover them with a towel to keep your tree protected!

Provide extra support. Your secret to successful and efficient decorating is no longer a secret. In fact, most families decorate just one side of the tree these days, as it allows the exposed side to be filled with more ornaments and lights while the hidden side goes nude for the season. We’re all for this trick, but be sure to secure the hidden side of the tree to the wall with wire – we don’t want to hear “TIMBERRRRR!” from any of you this holiday.

Luckily, you don’t have to be a master botanist to care for fresh greenery – just be mindful of it throughout the season and it’ll do its job of bringing all the natural beauty into your home. If you have a question regarding greenery care that we failed to answer, shoot us an email at [email protected] and we’d be happy to help!

Now go on, grab your spray bottles and garden shears, and prepare to have the most beautiful greens on the block.

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