Lifestyle Expert’s Guide to Entertaining with Greenery

Lifestyle Expert’s Guide to Entertaining with Greenery
March 6, 2019 Elle Worsham

Join us for this week’s Storyshare as we detail the lifestyle expert’s guide to entertaining with greenery. Learn helpful tips for entertaining with lifestyle expert Alicia Wood from Alicia Wood Lifestyle!


Last week, we took a break from our Storyshare series as Magdalene House ATX took our feed by storm. We wanted to gear our efforts towards celebrating our incredible partner nonprofit in preparation for Amplify Austin’s Annual Day of Giving, where our community raised over $27,000 for Magdalene House ATX! Cheers to each of you for supporting their efforts to bring women out of trafficking, prostitution and addiction and into new life.

We’re thrilled to be back and sharing stories of individuals in our communities who are gathering people together for the sake of celebration. This week, we had the opportunity to connect with a dear friend and lifestyle expert, Alicia Wood! Founder of Alicia Wood Lifestyle (formerly known as The Lush List), our Dallas-based Storyshare guest has joined us to share her experiences of using greenery as an avid entertainer. Having just rebranded her entire blog this week, the timing could not be more perfect as we help introduce her new look by featuring her story!


Lifestyle Expert's Guide to Entertaining with Greenery

Alicia Wood Lifestyle


Since 2014, Alicia has been building her lifestyle blog that contains curated content in the realm of food, style, travel, entertainment, home, and beauty, sharing the best of the best and all her personal faves with her large following.

It all started through the support of her loved ones. Seeing that she had a strong background in PR and Journalism, many of Alicia’s family and friends began to encourage her to start a blog – but she was stumped on what she would write about.

It soon became apparent that she had a wide range of knowledge to share when her girls began suffering from an unending list of food allergies. She began educating people on all she had learned as well as crafting new recipes safe for her daughters to eat, and it became evident that she needed to share this with other people in her same circumstances. Alicia then decided there was more she wanted to share and began “listing” her favorite items on sale for fashion or home, other recipes, cocktails and mocktails, and travel tips. In just four years, Alicia has gained a wide following and worked with a myriad of different brands to help them gain exposure to the right audiences. You go girl!

Her widely-loved blog dulls in comparison to her dedication to her family, friendships, and celebration. Along with her husband and three daughters, Alicia is intentional about turning every gathering into a celebration. “I come from a long line of entertainers, cooks, and decorators that have raised me to believe in the importance of entertaining” says Alicia, “I make sure everything is set before my guests arrive so that the moment they walk through the door, I can spend time with them and actually be present.” It’s her tried-and-true method for making every guest feel loved.

When she’s not entertaining, Alicia spends her time loving on her family, investing in her relationships, experimenting in the kitchen and travelling the globe. She emphasized the importance of her friendships, carving out time every single week to meet with her two besties to talk about their work, children, husbands and life and spend time in prayer and encouragement for one another. “It’s important to me to make time for that. It’s easy to stay in with your head down until it’s time to go pick up the kids, but I must make time for my friendships. They mean everything.” Her three daughters love their mamma’s blogging – the littlest loves participating in the production of it all, whether it’s recording Alicia as if she’s on a cooking show or filling in as a hand model to show off fresh-baked cookies. Though she tries to keep healthy boundaries between her business and family to protect their privacy, she notes that the blog has given her a great platform to show her children that social media is not reality and that it doesn’t mean everything.

A long-term friend of our owner, Elle Worsham, Alicia was a Gracious Garlands customer before we took the leap into year-round operations. Though she’s used our greenery on multiple occasions, we’re highlighting the stunning fall tablescape she created in partnership with Gracious Garlands and Juliska, an artisanal stoneware and glass company. Knowing this tablescape was to be used for all her family’s Thanksgiving festivities, Alicia thought it important to get the best of the best. She called up Elle, ordering a stunning full-length Magnolia garland for the table with a matching Magnolia wreath that would adorn her front door and tie the look together. The outcome was perfect for a festive fall look without overcrowding the space.


Lifestyle Expert's Guide to Entertaining with Greenery


“I chose Magnolia garland for the tablescape because of the texture it brought to the setting” says Wood, “I simply laid it on the table and added some birch candles. It’s so easy to use when you have such a high-quality product!” To hang the Magnolia wreath, Alicia opted for simple over-the-door hooks that would allow easy assembly and disassembly, but suggested the use of decorative ribbon as well.


Lifestyle Expert's Guide to Entertaining with Greenery


“Honestly, the greenery has so much texture and beauty by itself – it doesn’t need much to make a statement!”


Lifestyle Expert's Guide to Entertaining with Greenery


We’re obviously extremely excited about our transition to operating year-round, but we love hearing customers like Alicia are too. She’s using Gracious Garlands greenery all over for her upcoming party in April – we’re talking on the pergola, tables, gates, doors, everywhere – and for Easter and summer entertaining. Like us, she’s a firm believer that using greenery brings a space to life, and that is truly works wonders for any occasion. What started off as curiosity towards Elle’s business venture quickly transformed into a long-term client relationship with Alicia, who has helped contribute to our dreaming of all the ways greenery can be used for life’s celebrations. The sheer quality of the product and its ease of use made Alicia’s experience with Gracious Garlands an A+. “Every shipment has arrived on time, so fresh, and it’s made decorating so much easier!” Cheers to that!

As always, we want to take time to celebrate what’s currently worth being celebrated in the life of our Storyshare guest. Cheers to Alicia Wood Lifestyle’s entirely new look (it’s gorg), her lovely first-born going off to college soon, and to the unending realm of possibilities that lie ahead for her and her business. There’s so much to be excited about in this time and each moment is worth celebrating! And finally, cheers to this week’s lifestyle expert, Alicia Wood, for gathering with us, giving us a role in her story, and making it a priority to celebrate life’s moments!

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