Around a dinner table,

around a couple getting married,

around an expecting mother,

around a cause greater than ourselves –

wherever you gather, make it beautiful.


Holidays, weddings, dinner parties, baby showers, birthday parties, corporate events… you name it – decorating for the event can quickly turn from pinning to your pinterest inspo board in your pajamas to running a million different errands around town with your pedicure flip-flops on the afternoon of the event wondering why you signed yourself up to be host. Our goal is for you to be able to stay in those pjs sipping your cuppa jo while you sit back and wait for your greenery to arrive at your doorstep.

Whatever the event, we are here to help bring the outside in with little stress — leaving more time and energy for you to spend with the ones you love. Refer to our services below to see how we can help you become the hero of your own party without even getting out of those pjs.

Boutique offerings

Here are the three ways we work with you.


DIY and Shop Online

You have the vision, we have the greens! Grab your measurements, shop online and have the greenery delivered straight to your doorstep fresh from the farm.


Greenery Design Consultation

Take the guesswork out of decorating your home or event! Hire us to share our expertise and design your decor for you. This package includes design, ordering and shipment of your greens right to your doorstep! Request a consultation here.


Design + Installation

This is the ultimate stress-free package. Have us design your decor for your home or event as well as come to install the greens! Request a consultation here.


Local Holiday Pop-Ups

Our two local holiday pick ups are in Nashville, TN and Austin, TX. Customers living in these cities are able to pre-order from The Holiday Collection and then either pick up their products from our local pick up or pay for their products to be delivered by our team. Make sure to place your pre-order by October 26 to ensure you get what you want! ‘Tis the season!

Shipping Across the Continental US

Our products are assembled and shipped straight from our partner farms to your doorstep so you know they’re as fresh as they could possibly be. The only products we do not ship are Christmas trees, bows, bay leaf products or any wreaths + swags larger than 30″. For our local holiday customers, we do not ship directly to your doorstep from the farm; however, you are eligible for pick up or doorstep delivery.

Schedule a free phone consultation for more information!