Boxwood Garland
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Boxwood Garland

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Our boxwood garland is full yet lightweight, making it versatile for indoor or outdoor adornment. This is also a wonderful variation to other garlands with evergreen leaves for those who are typically allergic to holiday greenery. The boxwood is less fragrant and sheds less.

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  • Size: 25′
  • Material: Boxwood
  • Availability*: December, January, February
  • Typically lasts up to 5 weeks depending on environmental conditions. Tips to keep greenery fresher longer.


*Availability is subject to change based on weather, health of the greenery, and other conditions that might effect the growing season.

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  1. I ordered this for the first time last year and literally went looking two days ago so I would t miss time order this year. They sent ME an email and I didn’t put off for one second ordering again! They were amazing last year; fresh and FULL and lasted beautifully. It had been a dream for years and now it has come true! (Maybe I’ll save for a missing ball next year) 🎄. ((A,so was relieved bec I hoped they wouldn’t be affected by “these different times)

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