Linen Minimalist Gold Cross Tree Skirt


This one-of-a-kind tree skirt is a Gracious Garlands exclusive. Designed by Gracious Garlands and screen-printed by women in tonlé‘s Cambodia workshop, this tree skirt is made of 100% recycled material found at markets in Cambodia. The organic linen material and minimal pattern offer a unique and stylish twist on traditional holiday decor.

The skirt has a 60″ diameter with an 8″ hole in the center, to ensure even the largest trees can enjoy this gorgeous accent. The outer hem of the skirt is double-backed, creating a sturdy, high-quality frame that will keep it in place all season long.

The skirt is secured with four tortoiseshell buttons (not pictured). The tag pictured is printed on the backside of the skirt and provides details on the product’s origin and the hands that made it.

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