Myrtle Cross Wreath
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Myrtle Cross Wreath



Our Myrtle Cross Wreath embodies the Spring season with its small leaves and cross shape, symbolizing hope and life eternal.

  • This wreath does not come with a bow
  • Size: 28″ long
  • Material: Myrtle Stems
  • Availability*: Year-Round

Pro-Tip: Don’t throw it out, dry it out! Once your Myrtle Cross Wreath starts to dry out, set it out in the sun to sunbathe for a few days in direct sun. Once it is dried out, it can be kept dried or spray painted another color to keep for years to come.

For inspiration, see how Alicia Wood of Alicia Wood Lifestyle styled our Myrtle + Podocarpus Garland for this Easter’s at-home celebration.

*Availability is subject to change based on weather, health of the greenery, and other conditions that might effect the growing season.

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