Olive Branch Wreath


Bring peace, harmony and hope into your home with our fresh Olive Branch Wreath. This wreath is full of symbolism and extra branches to reduce the appearance of shedding.

  • Size: 20”
  • Material: Olive branch
  • Availability*:  March, April, May, September, October, November
  • Typically lasts up to four weeks depending on climate and other conditions.
  • Mist the wreath daily. The fresh leaves will gradually fade and may curl as they dry. Learn more
  • Free Shipping — from farm to doorstep in just two days!

Pro-Tip: This Olive Branch Wreath is a thoughtful and beautiful housewarming or party gift. We love to pair it with a note explaining the symbolism of the olive branch.

*Availability is subject to change based on weather, health of the greenery, and other conditions that might effect the growing season.