How-To: The Dreamiest Fall Table with Just Three Elements

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This is the dreamiest fall table that only takes three elements and comes together in no time.

I am all about easeful decorating. In fact, this is the whole ethos of Gracious Garlands: utilizing natural elements like greenery, florals, fruits and branches to elevate your space in no time.

When we decorate with elements from nature, we don't need to add all the "fluff" to make it beautiful. The simplicity and yet complexity of the lines and colors we find in nature bring a peace and a calm to any space. And that tranquility alone exudes beauty.

This is fall table might be my favorite ever and it also was so easy to put together. I hope it inspires you to create a dreamy tablescape for the season of gratitude.

How-to: the dreamiest fall table with just 3 elements

1. Scatter your pumpkins of different sizes. For this 8.5ft table, I used 12 pumpkins.
2. Place wild branches, use the pumpkins to anchor the branches down. I used rose hip branches I found at our local flower shop, Austin Flower Co. Any wild branches will work -- you can forage these or pop in your local flower shop to see what branches they have that inspire you.
3. Add candles of various heights and colors for interest. I found these gorgeous pinecone-esuq candles from Breed & Co., our local Ace Hardware in Austin, and the pillar candles from Michaels.

And, violá! You're finished. To quote my favorite entertainer, Ina Garten, "How easy was that?"

For a video of how I assembled this, save this reel on our Instagram feed.

How are you going to style your thanksgiving table? Tag us on instagram at @graciousgarlands to show us your dreamy fall tables!

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