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For 25 years, our customers have loved our greenery – and so do designers, planners, mobile vendors, caterers and florists who decorate their clients’ homes, event venues, mobile bars or businesses.

We’re excited to invite business owners like you to partner with us and receive 15% off towards our online collections and 10% off on custom items through our Wholesale Design Trade Program. We understand the desire to make your clients’ homes or events special and we’d love to help create that experience. If accepted, you will receive exclusive pricing on our greenery for all of our collections.

We also would love to help you build your menu of items specific to your business needs. We collaborate with businesses in many different ways so if you’d like to tailor your packages, please shoot us an email and we’ll set up a call.

Remember, we ship nationwide with free shipping so businesses from east to west, north to south are eligible for our wholesale program. We look forward to effortlessly making your business offerings more beautiful!

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