Modern Home for the Holidays

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Ideas for decorating the modern home for the holidays When it comes to decorating your home, there's really no right or wrong. There's no set of rules that outlaws a bright yellow wall or mix-match tiles or that one dresser you love. Our point is that your home ought to reflect your personal taste and have "you" written all over it. This goes for your holiday decor too! You have all the freedom in the world to decorate your home according to your imagination. We've curated a short list of unique ideas that rub against the grain of traditional holiday decor. Check 'em out for some major inspiration that'll get your creative juices flowing on how to personalize your decor this season.   Tree in a basket       Tree in a basket There's something about tucking the base of your tree into a decorative basket that creates such a cozy look. This tree skirt alternative is perfect for smaller Christmas trees, but hey, if you've got a huge basket, why not try tucking away a full-sized tree?       Wooden Christmas trees     Decorative wooden trees These little trees are oh-so whimsical. If your home is filled with earthy tones and/or neutrals, these wooden trees are going to fit right in. And if you're not the best at undecorating at the end of the season, these will work in your home all year long.         DIY Pom Pom Ornaments     Pom-pom ornaments Major Dr. Seuss vibes. Consider ditching all the fragile glass this year and going for a more soft and playful look. Customize with your favorite colors and host a family craft night to make them! Pinterest tells us how to make them here.         DIY spray-painted nutcrakers     Colorblock nutcrackers We're loving this modern twist on a Christmas classic - and it's an incredibly simple DIY project! Grab a few wooden soldiers, get funky with your colors, and spray away. Before you know it, you've got a set of groovy holiday soldiers.         Modern Home for the Holidays       Hanging wreath display Wintry tree branch + ribbon + a few of your favorite Gracious Garlands wreaths = this natural holiday statement piece. What a gorgeous alternative for displaying your greenery!         We hope you've been inspired to make the holidays your own this year.  Try something funky and different. Play with unique colors. Share with the world your style, and don't be afraid to branch out! No need to be traditional - enjoy your fresh, modern home for the holidays! For more colorful inspiration, visit our blog on how to upcycle your greenery and check out our curated Pinterest board!

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