5 Easter Wreaths For Your Front Door

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Easter will be here before we know it and today, I'm sharing 5 Easter wreaths for your front door. Easter is a holiday of hope -- so I designed lush, fresh cross wreaths to spread that message. Each one provides a different look and lifespan so I'm breaking that down for you today. 

The first time I released cross wreaths was during the pandemic in early April 2020. It was a time we were all hurting and missing our loved ones. We really needed a symbol of hope. Y'all sent tons of these little hopeful happys all over the country to those you were missing. As we've fallen back into our normal rhythms and as life has more-or-less returned back to life as we knew it pre-pandemic, I wonder how we remember, even in the most regular of days, to fix our eyes and hearts upon hope. 

It can certainly be a struggle for me -- though I may not even realize I'm carrying a posture of hopelessness -- Isn't fear or worry or desire for control just that? Hope requires a bit of letting go; hope is expansive; hope is light; hope is breath; hope is trust. And, my hope is that these Easter wreaths are a reminder of all of those things.

After reading through the descriptions of each one, I'd love to hear your favorite!


1. Lavender Eucalyptus Cross Wreath:


cross wreath made of dried lavender and eucalyptus


New this season, this Lavender Eucalyptus Cross Wrerath is made of dried lavender flowers, baby blue eucalytpus and seeded eucalyptus leaves. Lavender is a fragrant flower with shades of purple, while eucalyptus leaves are known for their calming aroma and pale green color. The combination of these two creates a serene and soothing wreath that is perfect springtime mix. This wreath will begin to dry out after about 3-4 days* but it is just as beautiful dried. While the colors fade, the aroma remains for years to come. *This wreath will brown if in direct sunlight and extreme heat.

2. Myrtle Cross Wreath:


cross wreath made of myrtle leaves


This Myrtle Cross Wreath is made of green myrtle leaves arranged in the shape of a cross. Myrtle is an evergreen shrub with small, fragrant leaves that symbolize love and fidelity. Myrtle is a very popular pick for Easter since it's bright green leaves really capture the colors of spring. This wreath will begin to dry out after about 3-4 days and the leaves will eventually brown. While you may be tempted to toss the wreath due to the browning, I encourage you to give it a sunbath to aid the drying process. Embrace the dried look and either hang the golden wreath somewhere to sweetly remember that hope never fades -- or spray paint your wreath any color of your choice. We're all about upcycling here!

3. Baby Blue Eucalyptus Cross Wreath:


baby blue eucalyptus cross wreath


The Baby Blue Eucalyptus Cross wreath is such a sweet piece. The soft blue-green leaves of the eucalyptus give the wreath a calming, peaceful and fragrant vibe. This wreath will begin to dry out after about 3-4* days but just like the lavender eucalyptus wreath, is dries really well. While the colors fade, it's a piece that can be enjoyed for years to come. I think this wreath would be a lovely touch to a home office or studio when you're ready to retire it from the front door. *This wreath will brown if in direct sunlight and extreme heat.

4. Israeli Ruscus Cross Wreath:


israeli ruscus cross wreath


The Israeli Ruscus Cross Wreath is made of green Israeli ruscus leaves. Israeli Ruscus is a type of greenery with long, thin stems and small, oval leaves that are often used in floral arrangements. This wreath is simple and elegant, yet also very lush! It gives off major spring garden-party vibes and has always been a customer favorite. Like the Myrtle Cross Wreath, this wreath will begin to dry out after about 3-4 days and the leaves will eventually brown. Again, I encourage you to upcyle the wreath instead of tossing it! How can you get creative to love on your dried piece just as much as when it was fresh and new?


5. Fresh Moss Cross Wreath:


fresh cross wreath


This Fresh Moss Cross Wreath is made entirely of living moss arranged in the shape of a cross. Moss is a versatile and hardy plant that can survive in various environments, making it a popular choice for natural and eco-friendly wreaths. This type of wreath has a rustic and organic look. It's beautiful alone but it's really made to be the perfect base for a floral wreath! Once the wreath arrives, water the wreath to soak the moss and then add your own foliage and florals for a fun and inspiring spring DIY project. To prolong the lifespan of your florals, spritz the wreath with water daily. Once your floral additions fade, you can rewater the base and use it again. 


Which wreath fits your vibe and needs best? Do you have any other questions? Don't forget to let me know in the comments which one is your favorite! And, make sure to hang your wreath and tag us at @graciousgarlands on insta so we can share your styling with everyone else :)


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