Changes to Gracious Garlands Holiday This Season

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It is with great excitement and a bit of a heavy heart, I share with you changes to Gracious Garlands this holiday season.

I have made the bold, yet necessary decision to switch to an all online business operation. Meaning, no matter where you live, you can shop our holiday greenery on our website and have it shipped to you with free shipping right to your doorstep.

You might be thinking, “SOUNDS AWESOME! Why the heavy heart?”

This change means that for Austin and Nashville customers we will no longer be selling + delivering Christmas trees nor will we set up local pop up shops for you to be able to come pick up your order.

But let me reiterate: you can still order greenery online and have it shipped directly to you for free!

Providing outstanding Christmas Trees to you is one of my greatest joys but also, is one of my greatest struggles. After a lot of deliberation over the past year, I realized I was holding on to particular Gracious Garlands offerings because I thought closing down certain operations made me weak – 

I thought I needed to keep doing everything for everyone to be strong, to be seen as successful, to be worthy…

But it finally hit me, like Hermann Hesse says above – letting go is the stronger, wiser decision. And here is why…

With this change,

  • Your greenery will be fresher than it has ever been. You'll select your delivery date at checkout – your items will be made right before they ship to your doorstep.
  • You can get your greenery whenever you want from November 14-December 20.
  • You don't even have to leave your house to pick up your greenery but can wait in your cozy robe with a warm coffee for your greenery to arrive on your stoop.
  • We'll leave the trees to the big guys. We have spent a lot of time and energy making sure we point you in the right direction for trees. Here's what we recommend:
    • If you live in Austin, we recommend you shop with Konrad at Konrad's Christmas Trees out of Round Rock. You can reserve your tree and if desired, tree delivery + installation online around September 18 at their website here: Konrad's Christmas Trees
    • If you live in Nashville, we recommend you shop with Jim at Santa's Trees. You can reserve your tree and if desired, tree delivery + installation via email or phone starting early November. Find details on their website here: Santa's Trees
  • By closing down certain operations, this leaves more time for me to focus on our main priority: designing + delivering the highest quality fresh greenery you can find.

Lastly, this decision was the wiser decision because it required me to accept my desire to do less and still believe I'm strong, to be brave enough to close doors and still believe I'm successful and to put myself and self-care before others and still believe I'm worthy.

I've made this decision for you as much as I've made it for me – and I hope at the very least, this inspires you to be brave enough to let go, to say no or to close some doors – because you're worth it.

 In the cheesiest of ways, this is not the end – but a brand new, exciting beginning and I'm so happy you're here. 



Elle Pugh (note name change and photo below because I also got married this year!)

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  • Congratulations and best wishes always!
    Thank you for the countless years of helping
    us with Robert’s parents. Continued success
    your way!

    Jean Ramsey on

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