Your Guide to Graze Boards

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Weekends call for grazing with your girls, who is with me? ✨

Tell me, what’s better than sitting around a table with friends, sharing stories with no where to be but slowly grazing over old world flavors and sipping crisp wine?

You can’t - because it’s just the best.

Put a call into your favorites to come over tonight and make this yummy charcuterie board in no time - I promise you won’t regret it.

Pro-tip: get most of your meats from the deli counter - all you need is 1/8- 1/4 lb of each and it’s much more affordable this way


  • 5 cheeses (I used manchego, aged sharp cheddar, blue cheese, camembert and bellavitano)
  • 3 meats (I used peppered salami, dried chorizo, prosciutto)
  • Green grapes
  • A few fruits (like peaches, pears, plums, apples or cherries)
  • Pitted castelvetrano olives (I love @eatdivina from @heb)
  • Fig spread (my favorite is @dalmatia_spreads)
  • Honey
  • Almonds/Nuts (personal fave: @bluediamond smokehouse)
  • 2 cracker options (I always have a rosemary-infused flavor because it compliments the cheeses so well)
  • Herbs for garnish like rosemary or mint

Order of placement:
  1. Cheeses
  2. Bowls + Spreads
  3. Fruits
  4. Crackers
  5. Meats
  6. Garnish

And of course, a yummy organic wine like Cameron Diaz's new organic wine - @avaline. I'm obsessed with Avaline Wine -- head to their website to find out where you can buy it near you!
Cheers, tastemakers!

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