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About three years ago, owner Elle Worsham began a partnership with two sister organizations that made the operations of Gracious Garlands all the more meaningful. Earning a profit was important, but paled in comparison to the importance of using the resources available to us to contribute to a cause higher than ourselves. Thistle Farms, located in Nashville, is one of the organizations that Gracious Garlands partners with to give back to the community, receiving 3% of our local sales. The non-profit has set out to "heal, empower, and employ women survivors of trafficking, prostitution and addiction" by providing them with the time, support and resources needed to create an environment of healing. Thistle Farms utilizes the Magdalene Residential Program to provide recovering women not only with a home, but with full access to the services and opportunities needed to heal and thrive. Magdalene leaves no resident empty-handed; each is provided with:
  • Housing (for two years, rent-free);
  • Resources to ensure physical, emotional, and mental health;
  • Time and support  to heal from past abuse and damage;
  • Enriching educational opportunities;
  • Financial learning to help residents become financially self-sufficient.
The list goes on, too. The extent of aid that the Magdalene Residency Program  provides to its residents makes it one of the most successful recovery programs in the nation. Their belief in the power of love is bringing women from the brink of despair to a home where they are welcomed, loved, and empowered. We're here to support these stories of redemption, which is why we give back. The homes utilized by the Magdalene Residency Program have basic needs, just like all our homes do! If you're looking for a non-profit to give to this holiday season, the organization has an on-going need for household products such as detergent, towels, silverware, bedding, etc.  This opportunity to provide for the basic needs of the Thistle Farms residents is a simple yet meaningful way to support this organization.  Even the smallest donation is impactful and contributes to Thistle Farms' efforts to love and serve their residents in cultivating an environment of healing. Click here for a complete list of needed products on Amazon. There are more ways than one to give to Thistle Farms and the Magdalene Residency Program. Visit Thistle Farms' website for more information on one-time and recurring gifts, and head to our Gifts page to shop our favorite Thistle Farms products. Thank you for being a part of this beautiful mission with us! What better way to celebrate the holidays than fulfilling the needs of others?

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