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Hi y’all! Jamie here. One of Gracious Garlands’ new-er team members. I go by the fancy title of “marketing + experience advocate”, but like all of us ladies at Gracious Garlands, I wear any hat I need to. Some days I’m a marketer, but some days I’m a saleswoman, or home decorator, or floor sweeper. That’s what I adore about working for GG and for our leading lady, Elle. Every day looks different and I’m constantly taking on new challenges and learning new skills. A few things about me: I got married & moved to Austin three months ago, I’m a painter and hand-lettering artist, and I’m a little too obsessed with my dog, Queso. I love him even more than I love hot cheese dip. I found Gracious Garlands through a friend and to my joy, found out that Elle was hiring just when my job search was becoming “desperate”. I’ve been at it with this incredible company for about two months now! One of my favorite parts of this job is getting to write a weekly blog. When Elle first made the suggestion of me taking it over and posting more consistently, I was overcome with anxiety at the thought of publishing my words to a public place. As an over-thinker and part-time perfectionist, I often times refuse to put creative work out there for fear it’s not “good enough”. Having a defined deadline each week for these posts has put a fire to my rear to consistently produce quality content without over-analyzing every detail. In that I’ve found so much creative freedom! Getting to be the personable voice of GG through our blog has been a gift to me - it gives me time and space to be creative with my thoughts. I feel like I’m finally finding a rhythm with this portion of my job, and it’s my goal to keep these posts consistent and relevant to you. Don’t shy away from asking me questions, leaving a comment, making suggestions, or sharing ideas/stories you want to see on the blog. Our vision is to create a space for our family, friends, and customers where they can receive and share inspiration, keep up with company news, and become more involved in our every day operations within the community. It’s a joy to have a space within our company to be communal and interactive with one another and we want to utilize that space! Thank you for reading - each and every customer interaction truly is meaningful to us. With love, Jamie

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