Hope and fear can coexist.

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By Elle Worsham My sweet one, hope and fear can coexist. There has been a lot of talk about faith > fear. Which yet again exemplifies our inability to hold space for two opposing ideas or forces at the same time. You’re faithful or faithless. You’re a democrat or a republican. You’re swayed by the media or believe all media is fake news. You’re a duke or a unc fan (now, let me pause here... if you have space to hold two sport rivalries in your heart at the same time, let’s talk because you either don’t care about sports or you’re... Jesus). You’re pro-life or pro-choice. You’re a plain cheese or a supreme. The moment we realize that our hearts are BIG enough to hold space for two opposing ideas at the same time is the moment we begin to transcend the noise and make our way towards peace. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. We are all too vastly different for only one way to be the right way. And, I believe when we live lives of polarity - we’re making God too small. We’re acting as if we have it all figured out. Now, if we had it all figured out, why should we hope or fear at all - in other words, there is no need to believe in something bigger than ourselves. I’ve struggled during this #covid19 season because I’ve been offered such personal protection and fortune, feeling guilty for such blessings. And yet, have also been so incredibly grateful for this time, this privilege and so hopeful in what’s to come. I’ve also been so fearful for those on the #frontline. For the kids who may be hungry. For the homeless unprotected. For the abused. For anyone at-risk. But mostly, fearful for my #nurses out there giving it their all with little support.
Both hope and fear.
It comes as an incredible relief to me - for someone to say, it’s okay sweet one, hope and fear can coexist. And I hope that notion brings great peace to you, too.

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