We love our nurses.

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Help us protect those on the front lines. Many of you may not know that I, the owner of Gracious Garlands, am a nurse. Although I stepped away from the bedside 4 years ago, I still work full-time for a medical-legal consulting firm. To know that my friends, old colleagues, past classmates and family that are working on the front lines of COVID-19 without the appropriate protection is gut-wrenching. Gracious Garlands is stepping in to help fight the shortage of PPE in our country. We are pledging 15% of our Easter sales to a national initiative, Get Us PPE, to equip this organization to fight this shortage.
15% of Easter Sales will be donated to help provide PPE for COVID-19 front line workers
I have done my research on many initiatives that have popped up all over the country fighting this fight and feel that Get Us PPE has the reach it needs to make the largest difference. I encourage you to visit their site to know all that you can do to help. You can report hospital shortages, you can donate supplies, you can make masks or you can make monetary donations. In addition to giving resources, remember this: the most important thing you can do is stay home, stay safe. No matter your age - only congregate with those in your own home. We will get through this more quickly if we all do our part. Don't let up. My heart is with you.

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