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Storyshare: Stress-Free Decorating with Vannagram + Co

We are happy -- no -- ecstatic to introduce to you a fellow small business owner, creative, adventurer + friend who has given us a new perspective of gathering people together.  Emily Forsythe is the Owner + Chief Smile Maker of Vannagram & Co.
"]Stress-Free Decorating Photo by Paige Newton[/caption] Emily and her husband, Jared, had the brilliant idea after a cross-country adventure in a vintage Volkswagon bus to turn said bus into a custom photobooth for events. Emily took her love of entertaining, experience in event planning + adventurous attitude and built the most charming way to gather people together. Talking with Emily really got us dwelling on the power decor has to set the tone of a gathering. Does the decor encourage inclusivity or exclusivity? Dull or lively conversation? For the guests to be fully engaged or watching the clock

Read our interview with Vannagram’s superstar to see how she manages to set a fun + engaging atmosphere for every event.

Tell us about a moment in your life where you gathered around those you love and it truly captured the meaning of celebration. Last Spring, my brother and sister-in-law came into town from Spokane, WA to celebrate our new house and baby. It was a big family gathering! We made street tacos and carried conversations through the night. Everyone helped put the party together, it was a sweet gathering! How does Vannagram use greenery? We use greenery in a unique way -- on our bus! People gather around our photobooth as they wait to hop on the bus for a photo and wait for their prints so we try to make the outside just as fun as the inside. The bus is beautiful on its own, but fresh garland adorns it and dresses it up a bit. A good garland goes such a long way plus its reusable and has a longer shelf life than florals. How do you install greenery on your van? I love when the greenery looks organic, crawling up the van! Other than garden shears and my hands, I typically use floral wire to affix it to the roof rack. I’ve added florals, berries and sometimes ribbon, but it all depends on the look and feel of the event as well as the time of year. Greenery is beautiful on its own though, you don’t need anything else. [caption id="attachment_5933" align="aligncenter" width="777"]stress-free decorating Photo by Lauren Reynolds[/caption] What’s so special about using greenery to decorate? I used to be an event planner prior to having the bus and as an event planner I loved creating florals. It’s important for me with events to have organic, living elements -- an extra layer of detail. What makes greenery, specifically garland, so special is that it is more inclusive than floral arrangements. It doesn’t block your view of the person across from you, it brings the table together in conversation. How does Gracious Garlands make your life moments more beautiful and less stressful? As a new mom and small business owner, it’s hard to find time for work + play + passions. Ordering greenery from Gracious Garlands makes my job of creating a special experience less stressful and gives me more time to be outside with my family, sit out on my patio or have happy hour with friends. [caption id="attachment_5940" align="aligncenter" width="501"] Photos (from left to right) by Sarah Epton and Lauren Reynolds[/caption] We have a deep love for toasting to all things, all the time. What toast would you give to yourself? Cheers to new adventures, a growing baby, a new bus and the road that lies ahead!
Emily, you deserve all the success and adventures with Vannagram and in motherhood! Thank you for sharing with us the art of gathering people together!

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