A Floral Designer's Guide to Greenery

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Storyshare: A Floral Designer's Guide to Greenery

This week, Emily Reid of Gypsy Floral testifies to the impact that florals and greenery make when paired together to create an event’s aesthetic. Emily has been creating memorable experiences with Gypsy Floral since 2011 and has this keen ability to transform a space into a soulful oasis through the arrangement of unique florals, colors and texture. Her innate love for traveling and discovering other cultures was the inspiration for the name of her business, Gypsy Floral. One of the greatest takeaways from our conversation with Emily was learning how we can bring our passions + interests into our work + play. Our passion is to gather people around--around a table, around a couple getting married , an unborn child at a baby shower, around rising musicians, around a cause greater than themselves -- the opportunities for us to gather around are endless. Emily takes her passion for adventure, culture + travel and shares it with her community through inspired floral design, creating spaces in someone's home, throwing parties in her back shed or hosting family style potlucks.
Tell us about a moment in your life where you gathered around those you love and it truly captured the meaning of celebration. At my former house in Travis Heights, I had this old rustic shed in the back and I used to have these epic shed parties. We would share a potluck meal and talk about what was happening in our lives. The decor was simple, just a garland made with fresh greenery, tapered candles dripping with wax and fruit lining along the farmhouse table. Why do you use fresh greenery in your designs?  Greenery is the perfect way to incorporate a natural element and make it look effortless. As much as I love gorgeous floral arrangements, greenery is an approachable, impactful, and natural way of making people feel comfortable in your home. You can use greenery everywhere! I recently draped a 50 foot garland  across Prospect House's bar, it was gorgeous! What are tools or tricks do you recommend for installing garland? It can be as simple as using two hands or some floral wire if you're trying to attach it to something. Not many materials are needed to make garland look beautiful!   What (if anything) do you like to add to the garland?  Long-lasting flowers, garden roses, spray roses, hardier blooms that I can ensure the client will look great throughout the event. During warmer months, I wouldn't recommend florals out of water - so I'd be sure to use a pick for the florals in garlands - but for all other times of the year its a great, easy accent. Why do you source your greenery from Gracious Garlands? I can ensure the quality of the product is fantastic and shipped in a timely manner. The garland or wreaths I'm ordering is a positive reflection on my brand and company. Customer service is also so important, it's really nice to have someone who cares as much about the product as you do and takes it upon themselves to make sure everything is there and arrives on time. We have a deep love for toasting to all things, all the time. What toast would you give to yourself?  At Gypsy Floral our sub-motto is "Gezzelig", which is an untranslatable word from Dutch to English.  It means a good time, a friendly place and a nice atmosphere. We try to encompass this idea  at every Gypsy Floral event. So, with that, Gezzelig to you!

Well cheers to you Emily + the Gypsy Floral team! May you continue to create good times, friendly places + nice atmospheres to your clients and friends -- and may we continue to  learn from your adventurous + passionate soul!


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