Individual Wreath Making Kit

Individual Wreath Making Kit

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Buy a wreath making kit to get crafty this holiday season and design your own wreath. This kit comes with everything you need to make a festive, luscious 20-22" wreath.


  • 9ft Plaid Ribbon
  • 18ft Green Floral Wire
  • 12" Wreath Frame
  • Fresh Elements:
    • 5 Pine Cones
    • 6 Red Berries Stems
    • 4 Short Needle Pine Stems
    • 4 Leyland Stems
    • 5 Fraser Fir Stems
    • 3 Carolina Sapphire Stems
  • Availability*: November, December
  • Head here to one of our favorite brand's, Team Flower, to learn the step by step wreath making process
Pro-Tip:  *Availability is subject to change based on weather, health of the greenery, and other conditions that might effect the growing season.

Care + Installation Tips

Keep the greenery out of direct sunlight and spritz it with some water every other day for the best lifespan.

Head to our care tip guidelines to learn how to make your greens last.

Head to our installation tips to learn our best secrets and tools for easy installation.

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