How to Care for Your Greenery

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Our goal is to make our customer's lives more beautiful and less stressful. The beauty of fresh greenery is that you don't need a green thumb for it to thrive! Taking care of your greenery can be as simple or as in-depth as you want it to be, depending on how long you want it to stay fresh.

Check out our tips + tricks on how to care for your greenery:

1  Let it Breathe

When your greenery arrives, open the box immediately and let your greens get some oxygen!
  • If you want to use your greenery immediately then simply remove the plastic + damp newspaper and start decorating!
  • If you're waiting to use your greenery then cut an opening in the plastic or unfold the damp newspaper then store the box in a cool, dry place. This allows the greenery to breathe but retain moisture.

2  Fluff

Your greenery might be a little squished after its journey to your doorstep. Don’t be afraid to tug, pull + massage the branches to restore the fullness. Not sure what we mean? Imagine your grandpa or annoying older brother sticking his fingers in your hair and messing it all do that to your greenery.

3  Give it a drink or let it dry

Let me start out by saying that you should never water Magnolia or Bay Leaf products as this will cause spotting on the leaves and they won’t last as long. For these products it is best to let them dry naturally (which they do so beautifully). If you want to use these greens year-round, place them in the sun for a couple of days after they’ve dried. This completes the natural preservation process. For Eucalyptus wreaths, we recommend only spritzing the back of the wreath with water every 1-2 days. When eucalyptus leaves get too damp, they become tender and break. For Eucalyptus garland, only spritz water in the center of the garland where the bottom of the stems are. Overall, watering eucalyptus can be risky so we prefer to let these products dry naturally. You can find more pro tips in the product descriptions. For all other greenery, let them drink! To make your greenery last even longer, give it a bath. Fill your tub with 1 to 2 inches of water and let your greenery soak for a day. Prop it up in the tub to dry before decorating to avoid water dripping in your home. If these seems like a lot of work, just spritz your greenery with water every 1 to 2 days. Do your best to spritz the ends of the stems instead of the leaves.

4  Keep it out of direct sunlight + heat

Your greenery naturally starts drying as soon as it’s been cut from the roots, but the sun and your air vents can speed up that process. If you can’t avoid the sun or heat, be sure to give your greenery extra drinks of water. When you are ready to dry your greenery, leave it out in full sun for a couple days to fully dry + preserve your greenery!

5  Use an Anti-Desiccant Spray

If you want to go the extra mile to make your greenery last, try using an anti-desiccant spray like Wilt Pruf. Gardeners use this spray to protect their plants during drought seasons. It will protect your greenery from transplant shock and drying out. Be sure to let the anti-desiccant dry for 4 hours before bringing it into your home. Please note that the spray leaves a coating on the greenery which makes it a little shiny.

6  Fresh Cuts

For bouquets + bunches give the stems a fresh angled cut upon delivery then put them in water. Be sure to remove any foliage that could be submerged in water, this will reduce the chance of bacteria spreading to the rest of the bunch. If our wreaths or garlands still have some healthy stems in the mix, we like to cut out those stems and place them in a vase!

7  Know Your Greens

If you've ever owned a plant, you know they all require a different type of TLC and you expect different behavior from all of them! Well greenery is the same way. As a high level review, any of our greenery from the Spring, Summer, or Fall Collections will normally show signs of aging anywhere from 3 to 7 days after arrival depending on the green. Most lush, tropical seeming greens are the ones to wilt the quickest. If possible, store in cool, place and water daily before the event. Eucalyptus and Magnolia age similarly in nature and our recommendations for care and keeping are about the same. In about 5-7 days of receiving this greenery, you will begin to see magnolia or eucalyptus start aging. There is about a 4 week drying cycle. When the greens begin to dry, this can be their most unappealing stage, looking splotchy. As the weeks go by, the greens will fully dry out and if kept away from water and handled carefully, can be kept for many years to come as a dried, rustic momento! Our greenery from The Holiday Collection (not magnolia) should last you about 4 weeks, sometimes longer in cold, wet environments. If you have implemented the care tips in this blog, you will get the full lifespan of your greenery! Just remember, in hot, full sun environments - any green is likely to dry out more quickly. Thank you for your order and support!
For more tips on caring for or preserving your greenery, visit our FAQ or view the specific product’s description
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