Gracious Garlands Preferred Designer Program

Gracious Garlands Preferred Designer Program

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A one-time payment of $499.



  • Gracious Garlands Preferred Designer Handbook
  • Headshot and Bio displaying you on the Gracious Garlands website as Gracious Garlands Preferred Designer
  • Announcement in our email newsletter as well as social media channels featuring you as a Gracious Garlands Preferred Designer
  • Gracious Garlands targeted ad for your city to promote your holiday decorating services
  • Receive client referrals directly from Gracious Garlands’ incoming leads to build your client base
  • Monthly Zoom Call from June to January (peak season) with Elle, owner of Gracious Garlands to ask questions, troubleshoot, and receive tailored support
  • Membership to Private Facebook Group with preferred designers as a way to ask questions and communicate best practices
  • Access to Gracious Garlands photos and marketing assets for your own promotional purposes

Care + Installation Tips

Keep the greenery out of direct sunlight and spritz it with some water every other day for the best lifespan.

Head to our care tip guidelines to learn how to make your greens last.

Head to our installation tips to learn our best secrets and tools for easy installation.


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