Baby Eucalyptus Cross Wreath
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Baby Eucalyptus Cross Wreath



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Our Baby Eucalyptus Cross Wreath is a beautiful and fragrant symbol of hope and life. It is a soft, modern addition to any home this season. This wreath pairs perfectly with our Nagi + Baby Eucalyptus Garland.

  • This wreath does not come with a bow
  • Size: 28″ long
  • Material: Baby Eucalyptus Stems
  • Availability*: Year-Round

Pro-Tip: Try to avoid this Baby Eucalyptus Wreath from getting wet as water tends to spot the leaves. It will dry beautifully to a light grey and you can keep it for years to come!

Post your wreath to instagram and then tag us at @graciousgarlands so we can share in your wreath love!

*Availability is subject to change based on weather, health of the greenery, and other conditions that might effect the growing season.

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