10 Reasons We Love Greenery

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Greenery is our absolute fave. Okay, we’ll admit - we’re a little biased. Besides the fact that it’s just stunning, there are a multitude of reasons we love lush, organic greens but for now, we’ll give you our top ten.  

#1. It brings the outside in.

Greenery is the perfect way to bring the beauty and simplicity of nature into a space. Fresh-cut greens usher in the smells, textures, and colors of the natural world and create an atmosphere that's calm and welcoming.

#2. It’s unlike anything of its kind.

With an abundance of unique textures, shapes, fragrances and shades, each mix of greenery is truly one-of-a-kind. It’s a fresh twist on traditional floral design. Garland adds a heightened volume to tablescapes, backdrops, furniture, banisters and more, while sporting vibrant colors that are pleasing to the eye.

#3. It’s majorly user-friendly.

In case you missed it - we are not florists. We leave that to the pros. But using/styling greenery doesn’t require a background in botany (though you might feel like a master botanist after you see all that you’re capable of). For a basic tablescape, you really only need your own two hands. For something more extravagant, you’ll need a bit of floral wire and some garden shears. See how our hostess, Kaelyn Terry, arranged her birthday dinner greenery here.

#4. It makes all our farmhouse table dreams come true.

Garland + long tables = a match made in heaven. A classic floral arrangement will always get the job done, but a full length garland maximizes the look of a long table like nothing else, making all of our whimsical backyard dinner party dreams come to life.  


#5. It’s efficient at filling a space!

Ever gone a little bit over the top with decor? Or on the other hand, perhaps you’ve found yourself with not enough. Garland helps prevent over-doing a setting and minimizes the need for addition decor because it fills a space efficiently. Lush, flowing greenery covers a lot of ground, calling for just a handful of accents to complete the look.

#6. It offers more bang for your buck.

25 feet of garland is a lot of garland. Its unique natural look in harmony with its ability to fill a space make garland “the most cost-effective and simplistic way to decorate a space without sacrificing any beauty”. These 25’ garlands can easily be cut with a pair of garden shears and used in multiple places around your home or event, maximizing its use.

#7. It can serve you over and over again.

We squeeze as much as we can out of every garland we use. These greens are tough, which allows us to use it time and time again throughout the course of its life. We recently used one full-length garland for a photoshoot, a corporate event, then a birthday dinner and guests at each event were absolutely taken by its sustained quality. Our Boxwood and Magnolia products may also be painted and preserved for indefinite future use after drying out; this one is our favorite!    

#8. It has a long lifespan.

With proper care, the life of fresh-cut greenery can be maximized, staying fresh for up to six weeks. This lengthy lifespan is what allows us to use our products for multiple occasions! Learn more about caring for your greens here.

#9. It holds a loving relationship with florals.

It never has to be greenery or florals. In fact, greenery and fresh florals are soulmates, perfect complements for one another. We’ve had the privilege of working alongside some amazing floral designers, and the final product is always a masterpiece that neither party could have executed on their own. Visit our “Hostess” Storyshare blog to see how Kaelyn uses flowers to add her own personal flare to her garland.    

#10. It makes a statement in a variety of styles.

Its elegance makes it traditional. Its organic vibes make it boho. Its fierce colors make it both modern and edgy. Its unique texture makes it whimsical. Whichever style you find yourself drawn to most, greenery has a place in. And with an abundance of greenery mixes to choose from at Gracious Garlands, it’s not hard to find one that suits the style of your event.     We love using greenery in everyday life too. For more inspiration on how fresh greens can beautify life's moments, visit our Pinterest page or follow along with our Storyshare series to see how individuals in your community are gathering people around with Gracious Garlands greenery. Cheers!

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